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Post by Admin on Wed 7 Sep - 13:49

When posting your fanthings, please remember to tag them in the title, so we know what we're in for.

Please indicate what the main pairing is for anything if it should involve a pairing.

For videos, we'll ask you to indicate if it's an animation (made by yourself only!), a slideshow (static pictures, sometime with effects, put on a song; don't forget to credit the artist who made the pictures) or an AMV (moving clips out of the anime).

For fanfictions, please indicate if it's a one-shot (only one chapter) a multi chapter fic, if it's finished or ongoing. Please also add a small summary in the topic description.If it's in a language that isn't English, you may post but say it in the title. (example: "[Italian]My fanfiction title here")

For Fanarts, please indicate what kind of drawing it is (traditional or made with a computer?).

For Cosplay, simply indicate the characters.

If you're looking to sell commissions, or do art exchanges, want a beta-reader etc, indicate it too (example: "[Selling] Cosplay of Italy" or "[Tips] How to draw a mochi")

Remember offensive material or things forbidden to the -18 aren't allowed.


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