RP rules and guidelines

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RP rules and guidelines

Post by Admin on Wed 7 Sep - 12:33

Roleplaying can be really fun, but it can also cause a lot of problems, which is why I believe a few rules are needed especially for it.

-When you rp with someone, please do remember the person rping isn't the character; it's important.

-Everyone can rp as they wish; no characters are reserved on the forum overall. However, unless stated so, don't join as a certain character if the thread already have one(example: don't join a thread as Canada if Canada is already there.)

-Don't rp extreme gore or smut here, keep it PG13.

-Tag your rps as finished, such as "[Finished]this is my rp thread" once you're done.

-You may recruit people for your rp in a thread made for it; you may also ask for people to rp in private with you, since it'd now be your own responsibility.

-There will be an rp improvement thread; do remember it's not here to bash on someone but give some tips on how to better their rping. Be nice.

-If the thread goes against those rules, it'll be deleted.


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