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Post by Admin on Wed 7 Sep - 12:23

Hello everyone!
I know nobody really likes rules, but they're needed for the well-being of this community.

-Be polite. We're here to have a good time, so please remember common sense and be polite with other people.

-No RC18 material. It's in the host's rules, beside we don't want to offend people's sensibilities.

-Don't relate serious events to hetalia here. Because it's extremely inconsiderate for the people who deal with it directly. Some subjects are sensitive, so once again common sense is welcomed.

-Remember the overall rules you agreed to when joining. And yes, you're expected to read the ToS.

-Feel free to post about what you'd like! If you're not sure of where to post, there is a thread where you can ask questions.

-Enjoy yourself! It's our main goal here.


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