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Hetalia Day wanted in my area.

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Hetalia Day wanted in my area. Empty Hetalia Day wanted in my area.

Post by DrawACircleItaly Fri 28 Jun - 3:37

I need some help. Usually on the Saturday by United Nations day, cities all across the globe have a Hetalia meetup day, where fans come to gather. Well I was hoping to have one in Canton, but I need your help. There's a page on the Hetalia Day website where you can vote to have a Hetalia day in the area. Just scroll down the page and where you see the box that says Canton OH, click YES right next to it. (my entry for canton is one of the newer ones, so it's nearer to the bottom of the page) Here's the link. [link] I want to go to a Hetalia meetup day, but there was never one near where I live, and I thought it would be a better chance to have one in Canton than Alliance, although it's still a long shot. I also know it's a long shot because no one ever really reads my posts. >.< So can u please help me? And you can vote once everyday, so that helps some. I want to have a chance to go to Hetalia day, and wear my cute Fem Italy costume! [link] Please and thank you.

And did I mention my birthday is coming up? (blinks sweetly)

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