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i will always serve you

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i will always serve you Empty i will always serve you

Post by melanieb Mon 12 Dec - 1:22

Another day of waking up early in the morning for breakfast at 8,training at 8:30, and a long list of other chores before lunch and dinner working at Ludwig's home. you get up, put on you blue with white laced maid outfit. walk to the secret training grounds were you hide between the bushes every day, just to see the same routine of Italy falling behind Japan and Germany. it isn't even on your schedule to be there, but you do it only to see Germany run around showing skin and sweating in his black wife beater and uniform pants. you only joined the axis so you could get closer to him anyway (money was just an added bonus).


The first time you met him was by accident, when Italy came running down the streets of_(your country)_ and toppled over you because he wasn't looking.

''Hide me!~'' he yelled looking frighted while still on top of you. He was in panic and tightening his grip on you as you tried to stand up while supporting him too. You looked at his closed but expressive eyes and felt a sharp pain. Something must have come over you that day, because you actually found kindness in your black heart and helped him out instead of beating the Result of a full digestive cycle out of him from the surprise attack. Maybe it was the stir of the moment, or maybe you wanted something in return, maybe it has just heart burn, but ether way you where stuck with him. As you hide him at your house, since it was near, you felt like you gave to the needy, even though YOU had such a run down apartment.(but it's not like he didn't know when he saw the out side, and you would never tell because you where too proud a woman!)

''He's coming~'' he sounded taken back with a worried look on his face half because of who was coming, and half of how your house looked though he quickly use it to hide. After a while the man of your dreams was knocking at your door. (of course you didn't know who it was at first, so you acted indifferent.)

''Go to the place where bad people go once they die!'' you yelled as you peered though your man made hole to see who it was, but all that could be seen was baby blue.

''Bitte öffnen Sie die Tür.'' the man called out something that seemed like gibberish to your ears. Because of pure interest, you opened the door thinking that they sent a new bill collector to your house only to find a drop dead gorgeous blonde haired blue eyed angel staring down on you. Just having him in front of you made you dizzy.

''Excuse me Frau, but have you seen an Duffy looking idiot with a curl sticking out of his brunette hair?'' the man asked. You stared at him blankly while cursing yourself for ever saying you would help the crying bastard and for thinking the handsome man was a bill collector. if you would have left Italy and this guy asked to find him, you would have sold him out in a heart beat! But before you could answer Italy popped out begging and cried so you wouldn't get in trouble. It's not like you cared, because you where still gonna sell him out any way.(poor Italy!)


After that you applied for a job as a live in maid since you couldn't live in of poverty any more because your house got repoed, and some how you got lucky landing a job at Ludwig's house. hearing the men pack up from the completed training, they where heading back. being that you weren't suppost to be there, you had to make sure no one saw you. bolting to the house quickly in seconds flat, you completed half your chore list so it looked like you never left. From the past 3 years of running to and from the field, you where able to run faster than Italy when Britain is coming.( don't underestimate the power of _( your country)_!)

''Guten morgen _( your name)_.'' greeted Ludwig as he came though the door looking refreshed heading to the kitchen.

''buongiorno!'' yelled Italy as he gasped for air trying to speak with his hands on his knee's looking at the ground. He hurdled to the chair closest to him to relax.

''…...''Japan was silent...just staring..out of every one you knew, he crept you out the most.

''good morning every one!'' you said cheerfully as you swept the floor acting as though nothing happened as usual. You noticed that Ludwig was heading for the kitchen, if he did every thing by himself than what are you here for? You ran to the kitchen before he had a chance to take the last step. you left nothing but forceful air in his wake and made 3 drinks in the blink of an eye. You put each individual drink to the person it was made for, Germany beer, Italy wine, and japan a water with a side of lemon for his subtle taste.

''Danke,but it was unnecessary.'' he said with a grin on his face. Oh, how you loved it when he smiled, it was like sending electric shocks down your spine you loved every part of him even his mean side made him attractive. Just the thought could make you blush uncontrollably. you couldent take your _(eye color)_ love shaped eyes off him, but you couldn't help feel the stares from a certain japanese.

''you..your welcome sir!'' you yelled from being so caught up in his beautiful smile that you forgot how to talk. You ran blushing furiously to your room that was filled with pictures and full body pillows of Germany on the cover. you screamed into a particular one to let off some of the steam. you still have to go to work, but got special permission to take breaks as long as the work get's done that same day to minimize cleaning for his study. All the pillows in your room had Ludwig's face on it, but the one you scream into was special. Not only did it have his face but it had him smiling with his hair down. You loved that pillow to death, but you can only stare at it wondering why he hired you if he doesn't want you to do everything for him? You felt that you had no purpose if you were of no use to him. sure Italy is of no use, but they are friends and to him you are probably just a maid no mater how much you loved him...you cried a little after seeing the ugly truth, but you still had to suck it up and work. You are his maid after all.
Side note

Bitte öffnen Sie die Tür = please open the door

Buongiorno = good morning

Guten morgen = good morning

Danke = thank you

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