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[Recipe] Scones

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[Recipe] Scones Empty [Recipe] Scones

Post by Inunobaka Mon 19 Sep - 19:54

Hello everyone!
Since I really enjoy cooking, I decided to try making a few of the things you may see in Hetalia. Since I know how to make good scones (... my mommy said so D8) I decided to share it with you. I even took a few pictures, so it should show what your scones normally look like as you go.

First of all, here is what you need:
[Recipe] Scones Needed10
-Two eggs
-500 gr of flour
-2 spoons of baking powder/yeast
-80 gr of sugar
(...I actually put more like 100 gr...)
-80 gr of butter (once again I sometime add a bit more. I tend to just put it in until it looks like what I want)
-20 cl of milk
- a pinch of salt

-A Kitchen (it works better when you want to cook...)
-An Apron (If you're messy like me, it's a good idea to invest into one. Especially when it's cute like this one ;D)
-Some Music (because it helps motivate yourself and singing when you cook makes you in a good mood~ I chose my Spamalot CD.)

Now onto the actual recipe!
First of all, you need to preheat your oven. it's important not to burn your scones (though if you really want to go full out like in Hetalia, you can ignore this part; and leave it in the oven for a good hour to be really sure it burns. But I don't really see why you would want to do that.)
Preheat it at 200°C for a better effect.

Then, you'll need some sort of big bowl. Dump the flour, salt, sugar and baking powder/yeast in it.
Like this:
[Recipe] Scones First_12
You may already mix it all together.
Now comes the next step; you need to cut your butter in small bits and add it. The fun moment starts now; put your hands in the bown and mix it all together! you need to work on the butter with your fingers. Once you're done with that, it's volcano time. Dig a small well in your mix. It should look like this:
[Recipe] Scones Photo010

Now, you need to take another small bowl to break your eggs (avoid leaving bits of shell in it; some people dislike when their scones are too crunchy.) and beat them. Go at it, take your frustration out on those eggs, it's good for the recipe anyways. Once that's done, put the beaten eggs in the small well, add your milk. Now you've got your volcano =D
[Recipe] Scones Photo011
Now you need to mix it until you get a nice, soft/limp dough (I don't know the exact translation but you should get the idea.).
Once that's done comes another funny part!
For this I advise you make sure you're working on a clean space. Which is why you should grab a nice sponge and take the time to clean well. Rub hard, it's better than getting random bits of previous meals on your scones. Once that's done, don't forget to dry it with some towel.
Now we're sure to work on a clean space, take flour and put some all over; you'll work on the dough. take it out of the bowl and work on it a little, but not too much so it stays the right consistency when in the oven. Spread it until it's about 1/2cm high.
[Recipe] Scones Photo012[Recipe] Scones Photo013
(^^^you could probably find me back thanks to hands prints here^^^)
Now comes another fun moment!
grab a glass and use it to cut round shapes.
Like this:
[Recipe] Scones Photo015
It makes those scones a decent size and nicely round, so it's all good. I guess you could use a cookie cutter too if you like oddly shaped scones.
Get your shelf out of your oven (I think you call it that...), spread a sheet over it, one of those made especially for cooking (don't use a music sheet, it wouldn't work out well and may start a fire.), then just keep on cutting scones and putting them here. Add a tiny bit of space so you won't have to break the done scones apart.
[Recipe] Scones Photo016
Once you have no more dough(or place on the shelf), put it in the oven for 10 to 20 minutes. It should inflate a little and take a nicer color. You can also check by lightly poking the top, if it's hard it's most likely good.

[Recipe] Scones Photo017
Now your scones should be ready and look good. Like those I have here. Normally you enjoy scones with clotted cream and jam, possibly drinking tea. I like them as they are though. My brother likes them with Nutella. So it's up to you in the end.

Also as a bonus, my dog who got a small bite out of the one I was eating as I took the picture;
[Recipe] Scones Photo018
Should be proof enough those aren't actually poisonous~
Enjoy your scones!

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[Recipe] Scones Empty Re: [Recipe] Scones

Post by asari Tue 20 Sep - 16:31

Thank you for the recipe, I love scones <3

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[Recipe] Scones Empty Re: [Recipe] Scones

Post by Artemis Wed 21 Sep - 20:08

Oh, thank you for the recipe!

I'll give it a try, I love baking.

I hope my scones won't turn out like England's, though Very Happy

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[Recipe] Scones Empty Re: [Recipe] Scones

Post by Inunobaka Wed 21 Sep - 20:10

It's really hard to mess this one up so your scones should be good 8'D
Just well, make sure to check on them often when in the oven.

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[Recipe] Scones Empty Re: [Recipe] Scones

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