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Keep Calm and Carry On

Post by Sky Pirate on Wed 7 Sep - 19:09

A/N Were here goes with the first post in this forum. ^^;; I hope you like it; it's just something that I had floating around.


It was so hard, sometimes, to remember that Germany was not a Nazi. Well, he was… but he was still the same Germany he had been when they were younger… Germany had been his first brother, when the Angles invaded, before the Scandinavians, before France. They had been friends, before the wars, even if it was a private friendship, not political. They were surprisingly similar, both northern Europeans, sensible and quiet, clean and neat and pretty awful cooks.

Germany was not a Nazi. If the Allies won, then he wouldn't be again, he would go back to being just Germany, this would eventually fade away like all the other wars they had faced. He wouldn't stay much longer as the Nazi bastard… filthy scum…

France was gone, China was busy with Japan, he was still waiting for America… he felt so damn alone, in so much pain, fighting a horrible giant that was no longer Germany, but some horrible conglomerate of soulless countries, forced to fight, bloodied and invaded, with Germany at the head, holding their chains and becoming totally insane. He would fight until the bitter end, though, to keep Germany from total control of Europe. He would stand until he had no breath in his body; he would fight until his heart finally stopped. He believed Winston, when he promised they wouldn't lose, he had to, or it all seemed so pointless.

He would do it for France, if anything. Seeing him at Dunkirk, screaming at him to just bloody move as his ears pounded, unable to tell whose blood was whose (for all Germany's talk, his blood was the same colour as everyone else's) and watching France smile soullessly up at him. He saw the look of someone who had truly given up, and he vowed never to see that again. So he would fight for his best enemy, France, closest neighbour, friend.

He had to fight, had to, because he was the only thing standing between Hitler and Europe, and because Germany was Nazi scum who bombed him whenever it got dark. Just filthy, Nazi scum.
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