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Posing For Photos

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Posing For Photos Empty Posing For Photos

Post by karino123 Tue 17 Jan - 11:20

So guys Karino here ^^ thought I would put a little life into the forum :3
so, since there was no thread about it, I'm starting one ^^

it's basically about Cosplay posing

since I guess there's a lot of cosplayers in here, let's start a thread about posing for cosplays.
for example if now that I cosplay China, I would like to get some ideas or tips to what kind of poses I could do with him in photos.
This will be kind of handy to know, since you maybe will meet people or photographers at a convention and they want to take a picture of you, or you're just having a photoshoot with some of your friends.
"how should I pose?" you may think.
That is what this thread is supposed to help you with, or you can help others if you got some good ideas for them Wink
you can also just post a picture or choose a hetalia character and write/give ideas for posing for this character even if people haven't been requesting it ^^

and I might as well start off, anybody got any ideas for posing when you cosplay China? ^^

hope my english is not too hopeless, and that people will keep this thread alive ^^
so people, post, request, ask, give ideas/tips, anything xD

-Karino ^U^

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Posing For Photos Empty Re: Posing For Photos

Post by Carmina Tue 17 Jan - 11:54

The forum has been a bit dead of late...

For China posing, I'd say researching martial arts stances and copying those is the way to go.

My real problem with my cosplay posing is I have an irrepresible smirk that I can't seem to control, even when I really should be trying to look serious!

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