(Slideshow/AMV) Hetalia - Insanity

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(Slideshow/AMV) Hetalia - Insanity

Post by Eima on Tue 20 Sep - 22:37

This took me a while, blame procrastination maybe? It seemed very difficult to finish, that's why I didn't ^^ (naw it's because I'm leaving for uni in a few days) The title is the very theme of the video, I blame it on the song, it reeks of insanity and schizophrenia. I tried to be symbolic (emphasis on the tried), so you can have fun figuring some stuff out (warning: some parts are just padding >.>)


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Re: (Slideshow/AMV) Hetalia - Insanity

Post by Carmina on Wed 21 Sep - 10:28

There are some gorgeous choices of artwork in there. I particularly like the one at 0.38. But the whole video is wonderfully dark and pretty.

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