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Fanfictions recommendations

Post by Inunobaka on Tue 20 Sep - 18:26

Since a lot of people actually write really good fanfictions, you may post a link here!
Make sure it's of quality though; don't post a fanfiction with an obvious self insert mary sue just because your friend wrote it.

When submitting a link to a fanfiction, please remember to warn the author about it (it'll make them incredibly happy to know you liked their fic, and in the case they don't want it spread around we don't get in trouble.). Once you get their approval, you may post a link with the name of the author, the pairing if there's one, the rating and a small summary (usually, you can find one on
To sum up, as much informations as you can without telling us the story. As you post I'll put it up here so it's easier to access.

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