[Lithuanian] Help offered

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[Lithuanian] Help offered

Post by Eima on Sat 10 Sep - 14:25

Hello, I'd like to offer help to anyone interested in learning the Lithuanian language or just curious about it. Not only that, but I can also help provide quick translations, if say you are writing a fanfic or something.

Why would you want to learn Lithuanian? Well apart from being able to brag to your friends about it, Lithuanian is very useful in the field of historical linguistics (for anyone interested in that sort of thing). It is one of the oldest living languages in Europe and has a common origin as the Sanskrit. Also, it is closest thing to what the first Indo-Europeans spoke. 8D

Since I'm a native speaker I could sometime struggle to explain some grammatical rules, but I will try my best to explain the nuances of the language. I must warn you in advance though, it is a very difficult to learn on your own. Lithuanian is unlike any other language in the wold (except for Latvian) so no similar sounding worlds or parallels there. Also, I've been told grammatically it's a lot like Latin, which is not really known for it's easiness. >.> But don't let me discourage you, give it a try 8D!

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